Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Is For Being Thankful!

T…is for being Thankful to the LVAD that you are with us here today.
H…is for being my Hero in more ways than one.
A… is for being so Awesome, I’m so lucky to have you!
N…is for Never giving up. I’m so proud of you!
K… is for your Kind spirit. You never seize to amaze me.
S… is for Saving yourself, and having the strength to get the LVAD.
G…is for being such a Giving spirit. You’re such a good man.
I… is for being such an Incredible man.
V… is for us all being Victorious… we appreciate everyday with you.
I ... is for realizing that some things in life are not Impossible.
N… is for keeping active Nonstop… It does the LVAD good!
G… is for being Grateful, that we have such a wonderful life.

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