Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jason is on Facebook and Twitter

I never thought I'd see the day..well I guess I wouldn't have If I didn't do it..Haha. Jason's name on Twitter is Jasonslvad and he has a page on Facebook under his name and a Our Life Our Love His LVAD page. I mostly write on  Our Blog and Twitter,but I have faith he'll get into it before too long! Haha. We are trying are best to be able to meet alot more LVAD friends. The friends we have met so far have been so helpful in so many ways. We still haven't found anyone in Virginia yet so that will be exciting when/ if we do! Don't forget to Join/ Follow all of Jasons pages when you get a chance!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Shannon. Happened to find your blog from a post by another lvader.
    Had to be at clinic all afternoon. Desk you were very refreshing reading for me today. Thanks. On Facebook if you find lvad warriors. Look at the docs posted there and you will find others of us that blog as well as a slew of lvad facebookers. Best of luck. Jenny