Thursday, February 6, 2014

Did You Choose The Right Supplemental Insurance?

This is something that I have been meaning to address. Not only to our MCV/VCU Friends, but to all the LVAD warriors. When Jason became edible for Medicare, of course we had to get a supplemental insurance, which we choose to go with Humana. When I called Medicare I told them what Hospital Jason went to, who his doctor was and a list of his medications. By that, they set me up on Humana HMO.
 I thought everything was taken care of and we received all the paperwork and everything from Humana.It wasn't long though the woman from MCV was calling me telling me there was a problem. MCV/VCU does NOT taken Humana HMO. They let me know that Jason would not receive a heart if one came in for him while he was on this plan.

As you can imagine, I was furious that the so called “professionals” at Medicare and the one that checked the information at Humana let this slip by. Long story short I switch him over to a PPO. (After the Humana rep came to our house) Thankfully Humana felt so bad for the mistake they said it would be covered if he did get the call before January when the PPO was to be active.

So lesson learn, BEFORE making any decision check with your hospital. Don’t leave it up to Medicare or Humana. Also ask that a rep come to your house. Everything is so much easier when it’s right there in black and white.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

For all the LVADers

Someone taught me to Never Surrender a long time ago--- and its something I will never forget-- Thanks for always getting me straight Matthew Cummins.... any LVADer or "caretaker" can appreciate this song...


Happy Birthday Baby!!

Well Mr. Bright your birthday is almost here. Ever since 2010, every time your birthday starts to roll around, I always here you say—I made it another year…and yes honey you have. I want you to look back on the past years and I want you to see just how far you have come—it’s amazing—you are amazing! You always face everything you go through with such bravery… you are truly an inspiration to me and everyone you meet.

I had to put this song on here to remind you where we were in 2011. I listened to this song every day on the way to the hospital (in tears I might add) there was so much uncertainty during this time. The day you got your LVAD is the day I know you wanted to fight, and you have been fighting ever since.

One big thing from this year was –Our wedding!! Goodness, I get chill bumps every time I think about that day! You looked so handsome!!- I felt like the luckiest girl ever, I truly love you unconditionally.

I hope you have the best birthday ever sweetheart—and I’ll be right there by your side for all the ones to come.