Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Heart Walk 2011

We decided we were definitely participating in the Heart Walk coming up. We raised $ 700.00, It may seem small, but I was so excited. How my girlfriends get the chance to honor their boyfriend  like this???
Not to mention, I was also honor all of the wonderful friends we have meet along the way..and Jason's Dad Dudley. I think Dudley deserves a post all his own , so I'll tell you about him later. Jason's sister,  Misty and her family joined us in the walk. I was so filled with pride when ALL the kids there wanted to walk in Jason's honor..It was so sweet, and they did awesome! Jason stayed back with Austin at the VCU tent. He got to see some friends he knew from MCV, and also met some new people. It was a great day..very emotional, but I did good and didn' cry..lol
The two on each end are brother and sister. He now has a new heart and
his sister just got a defibrillator implanted.
This is Greg Lowe,  Jason met before his surgery in the hospital.
He has had a heart now for 11 years.

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