Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Hunting We Will Go...

Jason has always been avid hunter and fisherman. His biggest fear about the LVAD was that he wouldn't be able to go hunting. He cannot be in Temperatures below 32, so far we have been lucky and it has been above 32 every day he wanted to go hunting! Jason had his surgery on the 26th of September, he was discharged on the 12th (Wednesday) of October. We went Hunting the following Saturday. Yes, I know what you're thinking because I was thinking it too, BUT I wasn't going to take that away from Jason.

I decided to get my hunting license this year, so I'd always be able to go hunting with Jason when I wasn't working. Jason NEVER hunts alone. It works out well because alot of his friends are off during the week, so while I'm working..he's hunting! On the Saturday after his discharge when we went hunting we sat in a ground blind in lounge chairs. It was in the 50's that day. We didnt end up getting anything that day, but I have no doubt that Hunting is good for Jason's soul.

On October 27th, Jason got his first deer of the season with a Crossbow, I was so happy for him! I was at work, but I wished more than anything I could've been there for that. Jason has already graduated from the ground blind to the tree stand, I can't say I'm trilled about that BUT again, this is a time were I pick my battles. I need to know that Jason will know his limits, and just let it roll off my shoulders.

We are going together this Saturday and on Thanksgiving day...Wish us luck!

In his element...

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