Friday, November 11, 2011

The Dating Divas ( The LOVE part of our life)

Its a very good reason why our blog is named how it is. Not only its this blog about Jason's LVAD and our journey, but It also is here to give others a "sneak peek" into our lives.
With that said, here is a "sneak peek" into the love part in our lives:

Jason still gives me butterflies, and still miss him ,( even when he's gone for a few hours.) I still LOOOVVVE kissing him, and I still get excited to have date night with him. To put it simple, I am over the moon in love with Jason!

I ran across this site called The Dating Divas. It is a site that give you ideas for date nights, and little special things that you can do for someone you love. They have LOTS of printables..yes my name is Shannon and I'm addicted to Printables! I wrote them and shared our story with them, and wanted to make sure it would be ok to feature them every once in a while, Here's what they wrote back:

Hi Shannon!

Thank you for sharing your story with us!  We wish you and your sweetheart the best of luck!  That is so neat that you are keeping a blog to tell the story of your journey!  :)  We were happy to hear that some of our ideas have helped you out as well.  Hopefully we can keep those ideas coming!

We are flattered that you would even ask if you could feature us.  Thank you!  Of course you can!  We definitely appreciate the "link love" back! 

Good luck with everything! Have a wonderful night!

Lotsa love,
Tara Carson
The Dating Divas

  Here is the Bad Day Box, I made Jason when he was in the hospital, He loved it so much!


Why not create a “Bad Day” box for those rainy days?? I saw this idea on this blog…and fell in LOVE with the concept! I seem to have a lot more “bad days” than my husband….maybe because I am a sucha GIRL and crying always seems like the best thing to do at the time….and then the next best thing is to think of a solution! {lol}  Having a box on hand – filled with things your spouse LOVES….is the PERFECT idea!!  You are basically preparing for unexpected things that we all know can {and will} pop up in life.  Call it an “emergency preparedness kit for emotions”.  {WINK!}
My husband does OCCASIONALLY have bad things that pop up and get him down…..not very often….but I decided it would be a great idea to be prepared for the next time….
I literally made this in LESS than 15 minutes!!  Er….once I gathered the stuff, that is!  :)
I found these LOVELY boxes at Michael’s Arts & Crafts…for a buckaroo!  Can you believe it?  I think they normally sell for around $5…..but grab a 40% off coupon that Michael’s always gives out &  use that.  I LOVED that these boxes already had decorative designs on them.  I was preparing myself to mod podge cute paper on….but this saved me a lot of time, effort, & money!
Materials Needed:
Mod Podge
Foam Brush
White Cardstock
You will also need…
….and don’t forget to purchase or make a BUNCH of FUN items to place inside that your spouse will LOVE!
Once you print out these printables…..
….cut out the fun sign & Mod Podge it on the front of the box.  
You can also cut out the little tag to place inside the label holder.
Next…..cut out apart the love notes, write on each one, roll them up, and tie them with a pretty ribbon!
Last of all, place the love notes AND all of the fun items in the box.

I made one for each of the diva's hubbies for our annual Diva Gift Exchange!
You are DONE!  Now, hide it away for that RAINY day.  I am planning on pulling mine out the next time my hubby has a rough day at work…..and since he’s Mr. Cheerful….it might have a little dust on it by then!
*sigh*  That may be a while.  lol  For ANOTHER great craft that would cheer up your spouse….check out Lisa’s “All About You” post.  It completely made her husband’s day…OR her “Rough Day” Recipe post….ANOTHER fab idea!  :)
BTW – If you are wanting to create something like this but you don’t have a craft store close by – there is a great online store called,  They sell a LOT of the items I used in this post for such great prices! :)   Good Luck!!

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