Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Take a shower?...NOT

I wanted to address this because some of our LVAD friends do take showers.
Everything fits in this bag and you'll just have the drive line cord exposed.  Of course you can't even do this until the doctor clears you. Our hospital and Jasons doctor say no to taking showers, they expressed that It was "just too risky". Its all in what you are comfortable with. Like I said,the LVAD friends that I do know that do take showers..well that's comfortable for them. We choose not too. It's not wonderful not being able to take showers or baths, but the awesome equipment is why Jason is here today and we are not willing to do anything to compromise that.

What we choose do is:
  •  I hold the system controller while he washes from the waist down.
  • To wash his hair, he just kneels outside of the bathtub and I wash it that way or he will and I'll hold the system controller
  • Sponge bath
Shower Bag (just one model)

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