Wednesday, November 30, 2011

If your Having Heart problems.. Don't Settle for the B Team..Get the A Team!

First off, to those of you that don't know Jason, he is a very laid back, go with the flow type a guy. He thinks EVERYONE has his best interest at heart. In an earlier post I mention that Jason had a doctor, that I didn't care for too much. He was the doctor that told him that he only had 3 to 5 years ( in 2009)  left and did not want him to working,because he wanted him to enjoy the rest of his time here.

When I met this doctor myself in 2010, I wasn't impressed. He seemed very irritated with all the questions I was asking and always seemed like he was in a hurry. When I always at the hospital with Jason in May 2010, I have no doubt that God lead me to every question I asked, and he gave me the strength not to back down.

When I asked him would Jason be holding my hand, and rocking beside me in a rocking chair when he was 60..the doctor said no. I can't even begin to describe that feeling I felt. One thing Im sure of though. God DID NOT make me wait 35 years to find my perfect love, just to take him away from me..

Oh- and I will add that the doctor NEVER told us about the LVAD!!

Thank goodness we found the A team at MCV. They are the best doctors and nurses and are more than happy to answer any questions I have. That meant alot to me..because Its not just Jasons life..this involves everyone that loves him. 

The message that I want you to take from this post STAND UP for your loved one. I have stand up for " my Jason" more than once, and he didn't always like it. You know what though?  I will never regret fighting for the best care for  him, because I always do..and always will!

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  1. omg, I had the same experience too!