Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fun at the Winery

Donate Life ...Was at the Wedding


We Finally Got Married!!!

Goodness, it seems like it been forever since I was just able to sit in front of the computer and collect my thoughts enough to write. Yes-- Jason and I finally took the Plunge!! The day was awesome and everything went beautiful. I couldn't have dreamed anything better than what it was that day. Here's a few pictures... Hope you like them!!





Friday, May 31, 2013

I will marry my Superman in 3 months and 14 days!!!

That's right, the time has finally come,  and we both are so excited!!! We are still getting all the little details done. Jason has just been awesome, I don't want to tell details, but we will be having a VERY special table set up at the wedding, and I can't wait to see how it comes together! I'm am so excited !! I might have to tell you BEFORE the wedding, but well see...there will defiantly be lots of pictures!!

Jason has been doing great for the most part, he has been having ALOT of PVCs lately. They said they were surprised that he's not feeling like is going to pass out a lot-- but he doesn't so that is a blessing. He has also been trying to lose weight, and has been doing great. The weather is nice here and feel so good at night so hopefully we'll be able to start our night walks again soon!

That's all for now...God Bless!!

PVCS:  (Premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) are extra, abnormal heartbeats that begin in one of your heart's two lower pumping chambers (ventricles). These extra beats disrupt your regular heart rhythm, sometimes causing you to feel a flip-flop or skipped beat in your chest. Premature ventricular contractions are very common — they occur in most people at some point.)


Friday, March 29, 2013

My Story...My Miracle

In the spirit of Easter, I thought that it would be very healing for me to share my story, since many people do not know this. This is only a small example that having faith can work miracles. This is my story:

Ten years ago, Austin was 5 years old. By that time I was a single parent and just bought my first home about a year before. I was working privately with a hospice patient, so at that time I did not have health insurance. I was having pain in my back for about a month or so, but I figured it was from doing things around the house, or working out. At times I would cry myself to sleep when the pain became unbearable. One night, I went over my grandmother’s home to stay the night with her, so I could take something for the pain.( That way I knew Austin was safe) .  The pain got worse in the middle of the night and my grandmother took me to the Emergency Room. I found out at that time that I had kidney stones, but I need to follow up with the Urologist the following Monday. I went to the appointment and at that time the doctor ordered more test for that week.

My grandmother used to watch Austin when I worked, so that Friday when I walked into her house I knew something was wrong. She was crying and said the doctor called her and told her I had a mass in my liver, and all I could think was I hope that it’s just a cyst.  The following week I followed up with the Gastroenterologist that ordered more test. My mom When to that appointment with me and we were told then that it was not a cyst, that it was a large solid mass. He added that it was inoperable because of the location. He sent me home with very strong pain medication and told me to make a will.

It was all a little much to take in. Mama was crying and I kept telling her it was going to be ok, not to cry. I told her to stop and get me some paper and envelops, so I could write letters to everyone. I also told her that I wanted to take Austin to Disney World before I got to bad off. He has always wanted to go.  Thank goodness that Austin really didn’t know what was going on at this time, I guess he just thought it was fun having my mom and grandmother over almost constantly. Between my liver and the medication the next few weeks are horrible. I was losing weight and I could hardly keep anything down. I got sick after eating a lot. I was in the bed constantly; I had no strength at all.

One night when mom had taken Austin out , I was by myself. I went to the back door to get some fresh air and sat down. I started praying silently and then out loud. I told him that wasn’t scared to come to Heaven, but that I just couldn’t leave Austin…That he wouldn’t be ok without me. I was talking to him a long time that evening. The following day someone from the Mt. Pleasant church came over to talk and they said to me  “ Shannon, If you die today will you go to Heaven”? I said yes, and he said how? And I’ll never forget this… I said because I’m sweet and I always think about other people. He informed me at that time that being a sweet person wasn’t going to get you into Heaven. I got saved that night, right there in my living room.. and there were many tears shed.

The next day I was feeling a lot better, so I asked my mom if she would take me to get my hair cut. We also took care of the will during this time—and yes that was weird,  but I was very detailed, even my dog Bennington was going to be taken care of once I was gone—yes I said detailed…

In the next week the liver specialist from MCV had ordered test and I had an appointment to go over all of his findings. To my surprise, he said that nothing was in my liver anymore---nothing!!!!! We followed up with blood work, and my liver function panel was normal!!  I was almost dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe it. God gave me the biggest miracle... he gave me my health back and most of all he gave a mom back to her son. Still today I get my Liver levels checked every six months…and they are always normal. Praise God!!!

I agree this post was a little long winded.. but I couldn’t just tell half of the story. Even ten years later I think about that time often.  I thank God that he blessed me, and now I never doubt that no matter what situation Miracles can happen, and he is constantly beside me and watching over me.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our "AFTER LVAD" Bucket List....

I thought it would be fun to post this. I think often about us getting “ the call” and after my honey is medically perfect again…. here is our after LVAD  bucket list :

First and foremost…I think a shower together will be on the agenda.. YES!!!!  Although they have shower bags, Jason has never wanted to try them and until a few months ago our hospital did not recommend them.

I want to jump, run and kiss in the rain with Jason !!!! Wouldn’t that be wonderful??? At this time Jason cannot run or jump because of the LVAD  and we defiantly can’t stand in the rain together –so this would be a dream.

As soon as the weather permits  I want to get professional pictures done of Jason and I on the beach with some shots in the water—Yay!! We can get sand all over us and not have to worry about the driveline –and to be in the ocean with Jason would just be awesome!!

Jason wants to go deep sea fishing .  That would be so much fun. Jason has always loved to fish and we loved to go out on his boat in the summer—and if we got hot?? We’d just jump right in the water!! ..aww how I miss those days.

Jason also wants to go horseback riding again—geez I haven’t been since high school—but I can’t wait!

I can’t forget the big one. Jason wants to go on a cruise—Yikes!! I’m scared even thinking about it!!  I believe a few LVADer’s have been told that can go on a cruise ship, but again is all about being comfortable.

I want to ride a roller coaster with Jason!! I never have been able to—He’s had CHF, ever since we’ve been together —the kids would also just love that, so that would be cool!

After reading this ….If you are perfectly healthy go out and do the little things with the one you love ….What are you waiting for?


·       Are you dating someone with an LVAD or CHF?

·       Are you thinking about dating someone with an LVAD, but are unsure if you should?


I wanted to address this issue, because I was asked and while back to talk to someone that was “thinking” about dating someone with and LVAD , but was unsure if they should or not.

I will say, I was going to broaden the spectrum and talk about ALL or any kind of illness, but when it comes down to it really  all the same…It’s all about love.

   So you just started talking to someone and you find out they have CHF…or maybe that already have an LVAD --- so do you turn around and run?  The truth is, I almost did, but then I realized I was going to be letting FEAR rule my life and determine if I was going to love Jason or not—I couldn’t do that.



I look back now and I can see everything I would’ve missed--- I will warn you though family can be the worse sometimes—because they “care”. I was talking to my grandmother one day recently , I told her that on the outside looking in,  she may be sad that I’m in love with someone that may possibility not be here when I get old and gray. But I told her things might not be perfect, but I am the happiest if ever been in my life—and I have an awesome life… I feel it every day and I love it!!!  Granted things aren’t always easy—but like any relationship it takes work that’s when you will be your love strong enough? --- Are you strong enough? ---(hint) This is a good time for faith to come in…

…To be Continued

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jason's 36th Birthday

Whew!!! The last few days has just been a whirlwind! Jason’s party turned out wonderful…It was more that I could ever had hoped for. To all the LVADers that wrote in with Birthday wishes for Jason—He read them all out loud at the party—It was an awesome experience. Not too many dry eyes at the party. I also made a video for Jason, I will put it on here when I can figure out how to do so. The video included Jason’s  friends , family  , doctors and pictures  before and after his LVAD surgery. He absolutely loved it.  I’ve got to tell you I don’t think we have ever had that much love in our house at one time—it was very touching for me. The photographer (Stacy Bradford)  that came didn’t know Jason’s story before hand and was so touched by the evening she spent with us. She was so awesome to work with and we will defiantly use her again. One thing I spoke to her about is doing “water” pictures with Jason once he is transplant and healed. Wouldn’t that just be so awesome to have some pictures of use in the pouring rain together—or  in the ocean?? I can’t wait—I know it will happen when God is ready. So many special moments happened that evening, I swear we are as blessed as blessed could be. I'll be putting the  pictures on here within the next few weeks---I can hardly wait it see them!!

Jason D. Bright Foundation

We received our first donation this week for the Jason D. Bright Foundation!! Online donations made are transferred directly into a saving account for Jason .At the end of the month these donations will be used in addition to the monthly payments that we already pay on for Jason monthly. Jason's current bills are upwards of 20K  and will be higher once he gets transplanted (200K) so every little bit helps❤

Thanks so much!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jason's Birthday Week

This week is Jason Birthday week, but his actual birthday in February 3rd.  I have so many exciting things planned for him! I asked many LVAD friends to send him birthday wishes to my email. I am planning to put them all in envelopes with the people names on the outside—he will LOVE this!!  Do you want to send Jason birthday wishes? Send them to: and I will make sure he gets them on his special day! Jason doesn’t always read the blog unless I tell him I made a new post—so I’m  not worried at all that he’ll see this. Thank goodness I only have a few more days left. I’ll also be posting pictures of the party ( he doesn’t know he’s having) And also pictures of all the letters that came in. We already have letters from many LVADers and even his LVAD team at MCV ( they are so awesome!)


Every birthday with Jason is awesome, but this one is so special to me—he deserves it ten times over!
He has had a hard year, but continues to stay positive and sometimes that can be tough. As of now, he is still on the Transplant list waiting for his gift—and we know it will come at the perfect time. In 2009 ,they told him he wouldn’t be here in five years. By our first year anniversary, Jason was getting worse.

I took him to the doctor that morning and he stayed there for a few weeks.  It was at that time he was told him he had to stop working…again. I asked his doctor when Jason was getting discharged would Jason still be with me when I was 50 or 60 —he shook his head no. That’s when I told Jason to say goodbye to that doctor-- because he wasn’t the one for us. Right then and there is when my fight for Jason began. From there we went to MCV and  4 months later Jason had his LVAD implanted.  Thank goodness for determination!!

Unfortunately, this year was have lost many LVAD warriors and each one always effects me deeply.
I do have to say however, that many of our friends have been blessed with the gift of life—those
Days for me are always so happy. I know God is planning to send Jason the perfect heart so I can’t be sad that he hasn’t gotten his yet. So, every day is a blessing that Jason is still here with us, and believe me, I thank God everyday for him— and to show love to my sweetheart—he’s  going to have the best birthday ever this year…so stay tuned!!