Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The dreaded switch over..for me at least

It was Tuesday evening at MCV. At this hospital they always like for you to take the test and all the "hands on" test the day before discharge. So I went in the room feeling really good UNTIL they told me  that I had to totally switch out the system controller.( I had to do this because in case of an emergency and Jason was unconscious I would know how to do it.) Well,  I'm telling you I was so scared, I seriously thought I was going to start crying ,but then the next thing I knew the teacher was saying do it right now. Jason kept saying..right now? right now? I did it though without hesitation, it went as fast and as smooth...like a dream. I said " Honey we have taken this relationship to a whole new level!" I did great, and Jason was so proud..

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