Friday, October 28, 2011


Welcome to our blog! I have been meaning to get this started for a while now. You will see alot of post from me ( girlfriend/ caregiver) and also Jason. I have to say, I was quiet surprised at the limited number of caregiver blogs. Along the way we have met many LVAD friends, but I have to be truthful when I say, I felt alone as his caregiver. I am hoping to meet other caregivers, people to share stories with and lean on for support. Many have said, that it is just as tough on the caregiver as it is one that has the LVAD. I have to say mentally, yes , it is just as tough for me as it is on Jason. I will get back to that a little bit later because I have ALOT to say about that.

As two families coming together there are plenty of kiddos to go around. We have a total of five between us. Austin 15, Austin 14 (yes two!) Autmn 12, Mason 6, and Emma 2. They are all truly amazing kids.Thank goodness they are the kind of kids that totally adjust to any situation they are put in (yes, we are blessed!)

 Jason  has three  sisters, Misty, Christy and Sarah. His mother's name is Patty and his father's name is Dudley.
As for me I have a twin brother, Robbie and a sister Heather. My mothers name is Linda, and my fathers name is Bobby.  I'm sure you will be hear all of these names often..

In the days ahead, I will basically be trying to just catch you up on our journey so far. I've got alot to say! 
Hopefully this will be a blog this makes you laugh, cry, feel supported and strong all at the same time!

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