Friday, October 28, 2011

The Turning of Events... May 2011

Three weeks previous to our 1 year anniversary Jason began coughing a lot, Of course he just blamed it on the dust at work. (He worked at a Steel Mill) I kept asking him to go to the doctor, but he was so afraid that the doctor would put him out of work that he kept putting it off and putting it off. 
Finally, our anniversary came.  We planned to leave to go to dinner at 7 ( the restaurant we wanted to go to closed at nine) He was in the  bedroom getting ready and I was in the living room watching TV.  I went back into the bedroom about thirty minutes later and I see him struggling to get dress so we could go.  It scared me so bad I told him not to worry about getting dressed that we would go another night. The next morning I made an appointment with his PCP and took him in myself.
When we arrived at the doctors to performed an EKG  * a test that checks for problems with the electrical activity of your heart. He told us that they believe is defibrillator was firing and sent us straight to the ER. When we arrived at the local hospital, he receive another EKG, started an IV with a diuretic, and received a Chest X-ray.
When the doctor came back with the results they said that he had fluid around his lungs and heart, and three blood clots. They admitted him that night, which he wasn’t happy about at all. ( If he was a dog, he would’ve been growling) He went in on a Wednesday, and he was still hoping to be out by Friday, because he had to work the weekend. Of course he didn’t… He remained in ICU for 5 days (the nurses there were sweet enough to let me spend the night a few nights) Jason lost 20 lbs of fluid in that week and was release after 7 days, still with blood clots. (Which scared me) 
 I will share a little something that that doctor said to me while he was in the hospital. Jason, his mom, Patty and Misty one of his sisters was in the room. The doctor came in (which I will leave his name out) and was talking with us. When Patty asked the doctor how much time Jason had (we didn’t know about the Lvad at this point) the doctor hesitated. So I spoke up and said “ I just want to know will Jason be rocking in the rocking chair beside me when I’m 60 years old?”  The doctor said no.  I felted like knocking him down in the floor!  I kept thinking who does this man think he is ??? He’s not God.  So, needless to say, I don’t like that doctor, and I haven’t seen him since…Yay!

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