Monday, October 31, 2011

Jason is out of the ICU

Jason is now on the "step down" floor from the ICU (which still looks like the ICU to me) Only difference is we can come see him at 12:00 Am. If we want AND spend the night. He is doing great, he has got really comfortable with changing over to batteries and back. The doctors and nurses are so surprised with how quick he is recovering, they can't belive it! He's been walking everyday, and going down to the activity room. I loved the night when I was able to get in the bed, I loved being back in his arms again..OK well maybe just one arm, but I still loved it. It was so nice. I had planned to spend the night, but still in the step down unit, they are still in and out all night long. They came in on night at 12 am and asked if  he could stand up so they could weigh him REALLY?  I know they are only doing their job, but really I don't know how someone sleeps in there...BUT for the record I will say again ...I do understand...

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