Monday, October 31, 2011

Cardiac ICU Second Day (Tuesday) ...and Milestones!

I arrived at MCV at 7:50.  Ten minutes before visiting hours, but they let me in anyways...YAY! He was still following commands and the nurse said they would be shutting off the breathing machine around 2,to see how he was breathing on his own. He did awesome, ( his oxygen was at 98%)  so at 4:00 they took the breathing tube out! Less than 24 hours after surgery..that was great! He had tried to open his eyes on and off that day, but after getting that breathing tube out, he had them all the way open. It was so nice to see those beautiful blue eyes of his! The first thing he did was rub my arm and tell me he loved was the sweetest thing ever! He was still in and out, and we kept encouraging him to rest.

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