Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stand Proud... with your LVAD

When I first knew that Jason was going to get an LVAD many questions and thoughts came up. One thing I was worried about was Jason feeling self conscious with the LVAD. Now looking back, I just have to laugh at myself. Alot of times though... I worry more than him! I never forget the first time we went out together(same day of his discharge) , he said " Only a few people looked at me" and I said "oh really?, I didn't see anyone look at you"...(which I hadn't) Now when Jason goes out, sometimes people will come up and ask him what it is. I remember the first time I was with him when someone asked him about the LVAD. He was excited to let them know, and told them all about the LVAD, he made me so proud, I thought I was going to cry!

Another thing I was worried about was how he would be in front of me. I never wanted to have him feel shy or embarrassed. I'm happy to report..that didn't happen either! He runs around (not literally) the house now with his shirt off, looking as handsome as he always has, and I love it!

If there is one thing I can say it would be this;

I know having an LVAD is not perfect, but Thank God that there is an option. With having the LVAD,  you now have the knowledge and experience to help, educate and comfort others,  and you are now spreading the word about LVAD's so more people will know about them. Not to mention everyone you talk to might become an organ donor because of you.
So, Stand Proud with your LVAD...STAND PROUD!


  1. Love your Blog, down to earth and fun! Glad to sense such great attitudes, in what can be such an overwhelming experience. I was implanted with the HM II 0n 01-11-2010, and have to share that developing "VAD" humor made it very tolerable. It was hard getting used to at first I was so weak after implant getting my strength back was the hardest. I was transplanted on 07-23-2010 (my Dads first birthday in Heaven!). To date doing very well with my new heart. I will send a friend request on FB, (my friends get the best of my LVAD jokes and tricks)

    Kevin smith

  2. Thank so much Kevin! Laughing is alot better than crying huh?

  3. We shared your blog on the site. And would Love to have you either re-post some of your posts there, or give inspiration to others in our site.