Monday, December 12, 2011

Saying Goodbye for now...

I thought long and hard about today’s post.  At first I thought I would just put a simple poem up, but then thought Stu never did do things the “simple” way…
I met Stu when I came to work a company that specializes in Logistics. He worked within the Logistics Division and was so loved by everyone.  He was diagnosed with cancer a few years back and it had gone into remission. Sadly right after that, His wife, the love of his life was diagnosed cancer. She passed within a year, and shortly after that Stu’s cancer returned.
Stu always talked about his wife often, he still had her picture on his screen saver at work. It made me think about true love a lot, and how difficult it must have been for him to lose his love. I know It happens every day, It’s a way of life, but it is not fair. I just couldn’t imagine, nor do I want to.
We got the news in late November that Stu’s prognosis wasn’t good.  We were told by Stu that the Chemo wasn’t working any longer and that the Cancer was spreading.  We all took turns visiting Stu in the hospital and then continue to once he had come home.
  Death is a hard thing, I prayed and pray a lot that he could stay here with us, but then I realized that Stu is tired and in pain, and that I could no longer wish for him to stay here that way. Stu lost his Battle Saturday Evening. December 11th.  Jason held me, and told me that Stu wasn’t in pain anymore, and he was right…but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt, but I wish it did.  Since he’s passing I have thought of Stu often and usually tears come to my eyes, but something different happened today.
I was thinking of Stu and how happy he must’ve been to see his wife again on Saturday Evening. I bet he was so excited. Now, He will get to spend Christmas with his love this year..Now that makes me smile.  


  1. im so glad I found your blog!

  2. oh shannon, i'm so sorry to hear that....but i am also happy for stu with getting to see his wife again! you know he is up in Heaven with no pain what so ever!