Wednesday, December 21, 2011

LVAD Friends...You don't have a be a Superhero all the time!

I thought It might be a good idea to address this. LVAD friends, we already know that you are awesome, but it doesn’t mean you can’t cry with your caregivers. We probably need a good cry anyways! I have been told numerous times that people love my positive attitude, and I for sure have one. If I let the LVAD part of our life get to me, I’ll be crying all the time. If you start holding everything end though the best thing to do is GET IT OUT!!! You might be amazed how much better you feel if you talk to one another and cry together.
Now, I’m totally not going to say things don’t get to both Jason and I. Even before he got his LVAD, I went to a few of his doctor’s appointments with him. I would just sit and my chair and watch him get up on the table just thinking “he’s not supposed to be here, this is not fair” I’ll never forget at one doctor appointment Jason was sitting there and I said to him, “why didn’t you let me know that things got worse?” and he said “ I guess I just got used to the pain” This made me so sad, and still does because I know he was trying to act like a “superhero” for me.
I never saw Jason cry until he received his LVAD. I love that he doesn’t try to hide it anymore. Just like Jason said, “sometimes you just have “LVAD sad days”, and that’s ok. Some our tears are mad tears, but I know a lot of our tears are grateful tears.
To the lovely caregivers, keep loving strong, holding tight and always remember you are their strength. Some say take time for yourself, and do so if you need that. I personally, would rather Jason always be by my side, but he loves shopping as much as I do (your jealous huh?) so that’s always a plus!
LVAD friends, I will say something else,. Look for the positive things in your life. Look at your caregiver that’s still standing by you and be grateful you have someone to hold your hand through this. Look how many more things you can do now that you couldn’t before. In this life, things happen how they are supposed to. God has it all figured out, it may not always be “fair”, but it’s the way its supposed to be. Last but not least, you are our superhero’s, we admire you all every day, you all are a walking miracle and there are more miracles to come, but just because you are our superhero’s , we don’t expect you to be strong all the time and that doesn’t mean that you can’t cry every once in a while…

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  1. i totally agree...we have good days and bad days. Alot more good days though post lvad implantation :)