Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Insurance Waiting Game...

Since December we have been struggling to get Insurance for Jason. Because we assumed that he would be qualified to get insurance, and didn’t hear different.( problem one, don't assume!_  It was almost two months before we KNEW he didn’t have Insurance anymore. All the while the bills just have been adding up.

 Jason stopped going to appointments, because one appointment alone can cost up to 5K, And he already had upward 15K before we knew he didn’t have insurance.( this has been sooo scary)  All we can do is just pay a little each month. On top of that, since he was awarded Social Security now he has to pay back his LTD company . So,  all and all we have many “scheduled” monthly payments a month .  I know Jason gets down about everything, but I just tell him that we just have to send what we can.

BUT…. Bills is not what this post is suppose to be about, I guess it just snuck in there. We are currently waiting to hear back from PCIP. It is an insurance that covers people with pre-existing conditions.  We got denied once because we needed a denial letter from another insurance company. We did that ( of course that wasn’t hard..but took time..3 weeks to be exact!) and had to reapply again…and wait. Jason called yesterday and they said they were in the final stages, and he should be getting a letter soon. They couldn’t tell us anything else…

So much is riding on this, I Am praying and praying all goes well and goes through. Our payment will not be that bad, (a lot cheaper than Cobra that’s for sure.) I cant wait for the day that Jason will be off hold, and back to active on the transplant list!!!!  I think that would call for a party!!

The last number of months have just been like standing still, I have cried many tears, but it doesn’t help. I tried endlessly to fight for Jason and in MANY cases I was defeated. I couldn’t believe that because Jason has worked since he was 15, there was no help for him. It was shown numerous times its not about life or death…its about money.   In only ONE instance,  the company that provides his medical equipment and dressing agreed to not charge Jason until he has insurance again, and that was truly a blessing from God, that alone took so much weight off our shoulders.

Jason has managed  with money from his Social Security to pay out of pocket for his medications and his bi weekly INR checks at Lab Corp, but of course it leaves very little money to go towards the other monthly scheduled payments to MCV, LTD and others, but they get paid.( by the grace of God)
So again so much is riding on the hope that his insurance goes through. I just hate waiting, wondering what lies before us . I cant wait for Jason to be able to go to his regular appointments, so we can have the security somewhat that he’s doing good.

For those interested check out, maybe they can help your family also. You do have to be without Insurance for 6 months to qualify and You have to have a pre-existing condition. Good Luck..and prayers to all.

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