Monday, July 2, 2012

Power Down...Power Down!!!

Oh my Goodness did we have an eventful weekend! Oh …and I might add, not  a good one. Friday night was just like any other night. All of a sudden at 12:30 or so I hear Jason machine going off, the power had gone out! This was big because this was the first time this has happened since he received his LVAD.  Jason had stayed up. I knew we were on the list already with Dominion Virginia Power to get our power restored ASAP., but since the storm was still going on I knew our first thought was to get the generator ((that had been so generously donated to us)  Jason and his friend were busy getting the generator so when I came out to the screened in porch Jason was not where to be seen. My curtains where flying and I was trying to get everything down to avoid being blown over. About that time I hear the next door neighbors tree cracking, Im screaming for Jason (like  in the movies) finally after many screams and the next door neighbor tree falling halfway into out yard I see him and tell him the get inside. By the way…I am still hoarse!  Of course , In this whole madness Emma was still asleep, but I had manage to scare Austin half to death with my screams. Once Jason was in the house safely, I went and woke Emma since I was slowly finding out this wasn’t just a little storm.
Soon enough, Jason got the generator started and we were able to plug in  the Refrigerator , TV , Lamps, a fan and mostly importantly his batteries.  It did disappoint me however that our power was not restore until about 2:30 the next day.  The last few days it has been in the 100’s here. Although Jason was safe with his batteries being charged as we all know heat is not a good thing for him…Or the equipment.  Thankfully  though, the temperature in our house did not rise above 80 degrees downstairs. 
For future reference there are a few details that need to be set in place. Summer is a bad time for outages and so is winter, when your dealing with ice. So now that we know we cant really count on Dominion Virginia Power to get our power on as quickly is we may need it, we defiantly have to explore our other options, so It give us a lot to think about.   So the lesson is learned Prepare , Prepare, Prepare. So we will soon have to go out shopping to prepare for the next possible storm.  The main lesson?? Don’t count on anyone else to keep your family safe, It sad to say…but true.

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