Friday, August 10, 2012

We Did it...New Insurance!

We Did it… Thank you Lord. Jason was told on August 7th that he had been approved for the PCIP insurance. Now I don’t know all the ins and outs about everything yet and I can honestly tell you that I am scared. Our monthly payment is reasonable especially compare to others, but what gets me is the 20% that the insurance doesn’t cover. That’s still a lot, and I pray that we don’t have to pay that upfront. The average cost for the heart transplant, before and after care is a whopping   997,700.00. 20% of that is 199,540,000. !!! I feel better once I know what the co pays will be.
 I know in my heart that God will provide everything we need financially, so as of right now I am placing this in is hands and he will see us through.  In the beginning to this process, when medical  bills started piling up and as they still continue too. I told Jason we cant worry about the money or about how much we still owe. We pay a certain amount every month. But like I told him, we have to live and we have to have food on the table and such.  I’m sure anyone with medical problems are experiencing the same thing. It will all work itself out, but the important part is my Jason will be able to get off hold on the transplant list!
His effective date will be September 1, and Ill make an appointment for him to do back to the doctor that week. He hasn’t been to the doctor in so long, Ill will be interesting to see what they say. God has watched over Jason this entire time. He hasn’t had to go to the hospital at all. Infection free and everything..Praise God.
Even though when you have and LVAD (or anything for that matter) anything could happen at any time..BUT I will feel more secure knowing the doctors are checking on him every few weeks now, at least it will give me comfort that hes ok.
Im sure it will take him a few weeks of test and things before getting back on the list, but I will surely be looking forward to that day! One side effect that I see with the LVAD ( in Jasons case) is that he has gained weight, so hopefully that wont be an issue.
So the lessoned learned here is there’s always going to be something. Even after Jason gets as heart, (and he will, in Gods time of course) there will still be issues and there will still be fears. But as we can see things and issues may try to break our spirit, but you have to keep your head up and keep going and always…always have faith that God is with you and that he will make miracles happen.

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