Friday, March 29, 2013

My Story...My Miracle

In the spirit of Easter, I thought that it would be very healing for me to share my story, since many people do not know this. This is only a small example that having faith can work miracles. This is my story:

Ten years ago, Austin was 5 years old. By that time I was a single parent and just bought my first home about a year before. I was working privately with a hospice patient, so at that time I did not have health insurance. I was having pain in my back for about a month or so, but I figured it was from doing things around the house, or working out. At times I would cry myself to sleep when the pain became unbearable. One night, I went over my grandmother’s home to stay the night with her, so I could take something for the pain.( That way I knew Austin was safe) .  The pain got worse in the middle of the night and my grandmother took me to the Emergency Room. I found out at that time that I had kidney stones, but I need to follow up with the Urologist the following Monday. I went to the appointment and at that time the doctor ordered more test for that week.

My grandmother used to watch Austin when I worked, so that Friday when I walked into her house I knew something was wrong. She was crying and said the doctor called her and told her I had a mass in my liver, and all I could think was I hope that it’s just a cyst.  The following week I followed up with the Gastroenterologist that ordered more test. My mom When to that appointment with me and we were told then that it was not a cyst, that it was a large solid mass. He added that it was inoperable because of the location. He sent me home with very strong pain medication and told me to make a will.

It was all a little much to take in. Mama was crying and I kept telling her it was going to be ok, not to cry. I told her to stop and get me some paper and envelops, so I could write letters to everyone. I also told her that I wanted to take Austin to Disney World before I got to bad off. He has always wanted to go.  Thank goodness that Austin really didn’t know what was going on at this time, I guess he just thought it was fun having my mom and grandmother over almost constantly. Between my liver and the medication the next few weeks are horrible. I was losing weight and I could hardly keep anything down. I got sick after eating a lot. I was in the bed constantly; I had no strength at all.

One night when mom had taken Austin out , I was by myself. I went to the back door to get some fresh air and sat down. I started praying silently and then out loud. I told him that wasn’t scared to come to Heaven, but that I just couldn’t leave Austin…That he wouldn’t be ok without me. I was talking to him a long time that evening. The following day someone from the Mt. Pleasant church came over to talk and they said to me  “ Shannon, If you die today will you go to Heaven”? I said yes, and he said how? And I’ll never forget this… I said because I’m sweet and I always think about other people. He informed me at that time that being a sweet person wasn’t going to get you into Heaven. I got saved that night, right there in my living room.. and there were many tears shed.

The next day I was feeling a lot better, so I asked my mom if she would take me to get my hair cut. We also took care of the will during this time—and yes that was weird,  but I was very detailed, even my dog Bennington was going to be taken care of once I was gone—yes I said detailed…

In the next week the liver specialist from MCV had ordered test and I had an appointment to go over all of his findings. To my surprise, he said that nothing was in my liver anymore---nothing!!!!! We followed up with blood work, and my liver function panel was normal!!  I was almost dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe it. God gave me the biggest miracle... he gave me my health back and most of all he gave a mom back to her son. Still today I get my Liver levels checked every six months…and they are always normal. Praise God!!!

I agree this post was a little long winded.. but I couldn’t just tell half of the story. Even ten years later I think about that time often.  I thank God that he blessed me, and now I never doubt that no matter what situation Miracles can happen, and he is constantly beside me and watching over me.


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