Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jason's 36th Birthday

Whew!!! The last few days has just been a whirlwind! Jason’s party turned out wonderful…It was more that I could ever had hoped for. To all the LVADers that wrote in with Birthday wishes for Jason—He read them all out loud at the party—It was an awesome experience. Not too many dry eyes at the party. I also made a video for Jason, I will put it on here when I can figure out how to do so. The video included Jason’s  friends , family  , doctors and pictures  before and after his LVAD surgery. He absolutely loved it.  I’ve got to tell you I don’t think we have ever had that much love in our house at one time—it was very touching for me. The photographer (Stacy Bradford)  that came didn’t know Jason’s story before hand and was so touched by the evening she spent with us. She was so awesome to work with and we will defiantly use her again. One thing I spoke to her about is doing “water” pictures with Jason once he is transplant and healed. Wouldn’t that just be so awesome to have some pictures of use in the pouring rain together—or  in the ocean?? I can’t wait—I know it will happen when God is ready. So many special moments happened that evening, I swear we are as blessed as blessed could be. I'll be putting the  pictures on here within the next few weeks---I can hardly wait it see them!!

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