Wednesday, March 13, 2013


·       Are you dating someone with an LVAD or CHF?

·       Are you thinking about dating someone with an LVAD, but are unsure if you should?


I wanted to address this issue, because I was asked and while back to talk to someone that was “thinking” about dating someone with and LVAD , but was unsure if they should or not.

I will say, I was going to broaden the spectrum and talk about ALL or any kind of illness, but when it comes down to it really  all the same…It’s all about love.

   So you just started talking to someone and you find out they have CHF…or maybe that already have an LVAD --- so do you turn around and run?  The truth is, I almost did, but then I realized I was going to be letting FEAR rule my life and determine if I was going to love Jason or not—I couldn’t do that.



I look back now and I can see everything I would’ve missed--- I will warn you though family can be the worse sometimes—because they “care”. I was talking to my grandmother one day recently , I told her that on the outside looking in,  she may be sad that I’m in love with someone that may possibility not be here when I get old and gray. But I told her things might not be perfect, but I am the happiest if ever been in my life—and I have an awesome life… I feel it every day and I love it!!!  Granted things aren’t always easy—but like any relationship it takes work that’s when you will be your love strong enough? --- Are you strong enough? ---(hint) This is a good time for faith to come in…

…To be Continued

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  1. You are strong enough and through Faith God will help you to be also have my prayers...I know it is not easy..Thank you for having the Love in your heart to Love my brother...Cricket