Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Home, Engaged and Awesome Friends...

Oh my goodness, I know I’ve been so bad! Along with daily life, sometimes my blogging has to take a back seat…for a little while at least. Well We closed on our home on May 4th…Yay! Moving day ( or should I say days) was very stressful to say the least. We were so blessed to have a lot of our friends helping. Angela , Josh, Dj, Tammy, Francis, Melvin, Jamie, Jonathan and (at times) Austin.  We could not have done this without them, they were just awesome, to say the least. ) Oh ---and Jason and I are Engaged now!  I feel so honored to have him chose me to be his wife someday…yay!

I’ll be posting pictures of our home soon, we just got our internet hooked up yesterday! Yikes! Jason has been well, still doing really great. He even cut the grass yesterday! It wasn’t too hot outside, and he took breaks,  so I didn’t say anything. Any extra yard work or projects Jason wants to do he always has friends to help. He has surely been blessed with friends that love and care about him so much. oh-- and I have to tell you, Jason's favorite thing about the house???....he get's to have his man cave, minus the beer of course! As for me, I get the screened in excited about that. I can't wait to do little projects around the house when we get a little more settled. In my book the first thing on that list is paint, I can't stand white walls!

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