Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New House...and Forgetting

Well, we are pretty much set up in the new house. I still have a few boxes to go through, then I don’t think I ever want to see another box. Around this time is where the fun will begin. All the decorating, and improvements..Yay..no really ..yay! Jason and I have had a bit of a cold the past week,. Mine was a little worse,but I’ll be so happy when we can feel back to our old selves again! Jason says when I’m sick get  grumpy..I don’t know what he’s talking about…But I know he gets like that! (don’t let him tell you otherwise!)

We set up the room so Jason would have plenty of room to get to the closet and bathroom but I have to say sometimes I wish the cord was 40ft instead! He can’t even reach Emmas room. Sometimes I hate that dang cord (to be honest) Once he’s plugged in there’s usually no switching back over ..unless the house was on fire or something like that…

Jasons little mancave is coming along. He’s already got the huge TV, and we actually found a dartboard at a yardsale a few weeks  ago, you would’ve thought we found gold. He loves that thing and everyone has had so much fun with it. One thing I love about Jason is he loves going to yard sales. We both love antiques and more times than not you can find some great antiques priced cheap, because people just don’t know what they have.

Jason was really good about keep everything pretty much in arms reach while in the moving process. Of course,  we did have to have a medicine hunt, but sometimes things like that happen when you have a lot of people helping. We do have a his and her sink in the master bathroom, so that’s where Jason chooses to do his driveline care..so of course I get to have my ironing board back solely for clothes now..yay!

I unpacked our swimsuits on Sunday, of my four to his one..Haha. The thought crossed my mind to put his swim trucks In the attic, but then faith came over me and  I thought no, my honey WILL be swimming with me before the end of summer! I thought to put it in the attic,, is like giving up hope so it will nicely lay right there beside mine, until he can use it. I have to say, when I was packing them up and yelling to the other room” honey I found your swim trucks”…thank goodness he didn’t hear me, I feel like a moron.

Jason will make jokes every once in a while, and really if you don’t pay attention, it goes over my head for a minute..well actually seconds. About a week ago Jason and I were running around the house (not literally) doing things and Jason said “oh honey wanna go take a shower together in our new house” of course I said oh yes and  in that small second I though oh that would be so nice again..and then DING DING ….reality… then a frown came to my face, Jason just started laughing I just said “ and I so wanted to take one with you!”   I know I can’t be the only one here though….does anyone else just forget sometimes???

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  1. AnonymousJuly 01, 2012

    Morris has had his LVAD since Feb. 2011. His 30 day 1A status came and went without a new heart for him. We cried in our beer for a couple of days, but realized quickly that we do have one another and will be able to celebrate 34 years of marriage in Oct. We are blessed and so are you two no matter if a new heart comes to your loved one soon or not. You two have each other.