Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jason's First Hospital Stay Since the LVAD

Jason has been VERY fortunate in the last 2 years, in not having any complications that would send him to the hospital, until recently. In February, he started feeling really tired, for me, I thought it was because he had over worked himself the day before, so right away I didn't get too scared.

 By that night he was still resting, and it wasn't until I turned over in the bed that I touched his arm, and poor thing was on fire, he was running a temperature of 101.3 at that point. I called the LVAD coordinator and she told me to start giving him Tylenol every four hours, so I did so. ( even setting my alarm to give it to him) By the next morning it was at 99. so I went to work. During the day I kept calling reminding him to take his medicine and keeping track of the temps. 

By four it had gone up to 103. So they told us that they would call when he could come straight to a room. All that night and the next day was full of test. His blood work was normal. Echo was normal and the Chest X-Ray was normal . It ended up that Jason just had a fierce Virus, so they discharged him, with antibiotics. The next morning he started running a temperature again, and throwing up. I called the coordinator again and she ordered him some nausea meds and told me to keep him hydrated.

 Slowly, but surely he started getting better, but it was at least until the Friday that he felt like himself again. It did bother me for a while that we never knew what this virus was-- but now I'm just thankful its gone...

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