Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Honey is Back on the Transplant List!!!

Yes that’s right, Jason is officially listed back on the heart transplant list as a status 1B. Of course it’s not a 1A, but hopefully we’ll get that chance on day! Jason had his first appointment last week, it had been 11 months!! Yes, there can be no doubt that God has watched over my Jason.  Dr. Shah said his heart looked the same now as it did last year, I can’t complain about that. Jason was so nervous about his appointment so  I was so excited everything went well. They did turn up his speed from 9600 to 10000 to give him more energy…and lordy be what a difference that made! Hopefully it will help him with his little spouts of forgetfulness too! We went to VCU/MCV on Wednesday to get a Right Heart Cath, but it ended up his INR was 1 point too high to do the procedure..ughhh better safe than sorry though I sure they know better than me. We’ll be trying again tomorrow, so Ill be going in with fingers crossed!   OXOX

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